Modern Summer Flowers Quilt

I finished the Summer Flowers Quilt. It seemed like a picture, so I hung it on a wall in Rebecca’s room to take the photo for the pattern. When I designed this quilt, I wanted to make flowers that were¬† not really flowers but suggested flowers. So the stems don’t quite meet the flower tops. The flower petals are stylized. The stem of one flower extends beyond the central panel and into the border, just to break out from the expected.

Here is the finished quilt:

ImageThe pattern and quilt are available in my shop, Maryland Quilter.


A New Series to Watch This Week

My computer is in my sewing room. During the day when I’m sewing, I listen to music or NPR or the radio. At night, I’m usually still sewing, but there may be a crowd in the sewing room. There’s a couple of boxes of toys my 7 year old likes playing with and often a couple of the older kids will be watching a TV series from Netflix with me while I sew. It is so much better watching a series in its entirety.

Sometimes I take the series approach when designing quilts. Spending an entire week exploring one type of quilt or one design helps me to focus and go in all the directions I’m drawn to while everything is fresh and exciting.

Recently I went on a southwest binge making Mexican tied quilts for a week This week is mini quilt week at Maryland Quilter. My goal is 10 unique patterns and quilts for small spaces, 18×21 inches. Here are the first 3 quilts:




These quilts are available in the shop and the patterns, too.