Falling Off the Wagon, Again….

A couple weeks ago I said that I was done sewing Halloween quilts for this year. Then last week I made another one. Then I fell off the wagon again and made one more. This quilt began innocently enough with a yard of Alexander Henry’s Ghastlie Garden (This is the flower print on the top of the quilt). It isn’t really Halloween because it’s just gray and flowers, right? But I wanted more and I happened to have some of this really cool Ghastlie Grounds print which has interesting rows of ghastlie pictures, Sebastian the cat, and gothic garden stuff. Since flowers grow in gardens and the fabrics went together so well, I just had to make yet another ghastlie quilt. So here it is:


Here is a detail of part of the bottom of the quilt with a handmade black fringe:


I make no more guarantees that I’m done with Halloween until November, then I’ll be done. The quilt is available in the shop, here


Growing Up is Hard To Do

 My children are growing up. This is happening in fits and starts. The whole process would be smoother if they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, by the time they get experienced growing up, that will mean they are finished growing themselves and will have their own babies that will start the whole process over again. 

Sometimes you have the opportunity to grow things besides children. My little company, Maryland Quilter, is trying to grow up, into a professional quilt design company.  If I knew what I was doing, this process would be a lot smoother. I kinda think that when I figure out how to do it, it will be done.  The path seems familiar, even if I’ve never been on this particular one before.

Here is the baby quilt pattern, my original cover page for a popular pattern, Kaboom:



Now here is the new, more grown up version of Kaboom:


The pattern itself is unchanged, and available here.



We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You This Special Announcement

A couple of dog years ago, hubby and I built a house. It was an exhausting, mostly unpleasant ordeal, but I experienced a few epiphanies and I will share one with you.

One day when we were almost ready to move in, it occurred to me that we had no mailbox and no house number. I called the post office assuming that obtaining a mailbox would be some lengthy bureaucratic paperwork deal involving background checks and social security numbers.

They told me to make up a number between the ones our neighbors had and pound a box in the ground. That was it! I couldn’t believe it was possible. We followed the directions, and the next day there was junk mail in our box! Soon there was junk mail with our address on it! We had, in a few minutes of decision, marked the world with a location that would be there for maybe hundreds of years!  The power made me dizzy!

So, years later, I remembered that moment. The success of that creation gave me the courage to create again. Maryland Quilter was born! I don’t know how lasting my little company will be, but today it celebrates its 150th Etsy sale!

So here is a photo of the original mailbox which still stands in the inaugural location:


Here is the first Maryland Quilter pattern, written April 4, 2012. It remains a best seller.


The Ocean Waves  pattern and quilt are available at Maryland Quilter.