Love is in the Air!

My favorite time of the week is Sunday afternoon. I jump in the car with a child or two and go to visit my parents. They live a short drive away, but the trip is long enough for all the week’s stress to blow out the open car window.

My parents are getting older, so their lives have slowed down some. It’s enough for them to have dinner and visit and go for a walk. After a busy week, a relaxing afternoon is perfect for the kids and me, too.

This spring,¬† we have been watching a blooming romance from my parent’s kitchen window. A pair of spry young birds built a nest under the eaves of the sunroom. Back and forth they flew, working and chirping together. Soon, they had a family. The couple shared the responsibilities of feeding their hatchlings and teaching¬† them to fly. We didn’t see them for a few days and thought they were done. They must have been taking a needed vacation, because now they are back raising a second family together. Ah, love….

Here is a new quilt I finished this week. I named it “Jennifer’s Love” because the fabric designer is Jennifer Paganelli. There are little hearts on the striped border, if you look closely you can see them.



As usual, the quilt and pattern are available in my shop, Maryland Quilter. Come by and visit!