Growing Up is Hard To Do

 My children are growing up. This is happening in fits and starts. The whole process would be smoother if they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, by the time they get experienced growing up, that will mean they are finished growing themselves and will have their own babies that will start the whole process over again. 

Sometimes you have the opportunity to grow things besides children. My little company, Maryland Quilter, is trying to grow up, into a professional quilt design company.  If I knew what I was doing, this process would be a lot smoother. I kinda think that when I figure out how to do it, it will be done.  The path seems familiar, even if I’ve never been on this particular one before.

Here is the baby quilt pattern, my original cover page for a popular pattern, Kaboom:



Now here is the new, more grown up version of Kaboom:


The pattern itself is unchanged, and available here.