Fear Is a Liar

It’s bitter cold this morning in Maryland, wayyyy below average. I looked out my window and the birds are slow to come to the feeder because of the cold. For an instant I was afraid for them, that they would freeze on the branches. But then common sense took hold. They have been cold before and will be fine. God takes care of them.

What are you afraid of?  Whatever you fear, it probably won’t happen. Fear is a liar. I tell myself that and have a poster to remind me.

Here is a quilt and pattern I made awhile back. It features some of the chilly animals I care about:

woodland rag quilt, baby rag quilt, nature rag quilt, modern rag quilt, rag quilt  unusual rag quilt

The quilt and the pattern are available in the shop here .


Coffee, Tea, or Witch’s Brew?

I’m trying really hard to think about Christmas stockings. Meanwhile, here is yet another Halloween quilt– I love the jars of lighthearted Halloween fun:


Here’s a detail of the quilt:


The quilt is for sale in the shop here

The Poky Little Puppy and Trick or Treat

I only know one person who likes to read more than I do. That’s my sister, Lois. Not only do we both share a love of reading, but we both love books– we love to hold them, flip through them, display them on shelves, and read them.

My sister has found a new creative outlet for her love of children’s books. She brings the story characters to life by creating play sets from Little Golden Books. Children can read the books and play with the characters in their own setting. She just opened an Etsy shop, Tuscaroraarts, to sell her books and playsets. Here is my favorite, The Poky Little Puppy:

Poky Little Puppy Play Set and Little Golden Book handmade pretend play toy with storage box

You should go visit and see her other amazing, creative playsets.

Here is one of my newest projects, a trick or treat quilt. The triangle at the end of the stripe kinda reminds me of candy corn. This was a subliminal addition to the quilt, a product of my unconscious desire for Halloween candy 🙂


The quilt is available in the shop here.

Love is in the Air!

My favorite time of the week is Sunday afternoon. I jump in the car with a child or two and go to visit my parents. They live a short drive away, but the trip is long enough for all the week’s stress to blow out the open car window.

My parents are getting older, so their lives have slowed down some. It’s enough for them to have dinner and visit and go for a walk. After a busy week, a relaxing afternoon is perfect for the kids and me, too.

This spring,  we have been watching a blooming romance from my parent’s kitchen window. A pair of spry young birds built a nest under the eaves of the sunroom. Back and forth they flew, working and chirping together. Soon, they had a family. The couple shared the responsibilities of feeding their hatchlings and teaching  them to fly. We didn’t see them for a few days and thought they were done. They must have been taking a needed vacation, because now they are back raising a second family together. Ah, love….

Here is a new quilt I finished this week. I named it “Jennifer’s Love” because the fabric designer is Jennifer Paganelli. There are little hearts on the striped border, if you look closely you can see them.



As usual, the quilt and pattern are available in my shop, Maryland Quilter. Come by and visit!