When Less is More

One of the hardest parts of designing a new quilt is knowing when to stop. It is so easy to think, if I add this it will be better, just a little more of this fabric, one more flower, another border, a bit more color. Then if I’m not paying attention the quilt is busy, really busy, with way too much going on. Then I have to take away, take away, until finally it is just how it should be.

My newest baby quilt is a great example of the less is more battle.  The fabric itself is a beautiful pattern called “Mind Your P’s and Q’s” by Keiki for Moda fabrics. It is a great example of a modern vintage style. It has the alphabet, animals, flowers, balloons.  It has so much interest that really, not much more needs to be added to make a great quilt. So I started the quilt design with a few balloons, added some more flowers, thought about an accent border, considered a scalloped edge. Then I let it sit awhile. Then I took off the flowers, most of the balloons, and the border. Now it’s just right.

Here is finished quilt called, “Old Fashioned Fun”:


The quilt and pattern will be available soon at Maryland Quilter

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One thought on “When Less is More

  1. Liz Bellette January 8, 2014 / 1:50 am

    G’day Jamie. It’s not hard to overdo some things. But, unless we try it, we never know. I too have kept adding and adding and then realised that I have gone overboard and in doing that I have created more work for myself in fixing it. Not only in sewing Jamie, but in other things as well. Oh well, we are only human. Your quilt looks just beautiful. The fabric is great. Thank you for you comment on my blog. Take care. Liz…

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