The Mystery of Popularity

So, I ask you reader,  what is wrong with this little guy? He has sat like poor Corduroy, watching all the other baby quilts get sold around him. He doesn’t have a missing button, why does no one want him?  Maybe if he were an elephant instead of a turtle. Maybe with a different color hat. Maybe he has a special destiny and has to wait for that one child who hasn’t been born yet.  Until then, he is available here in the shop. No pattern, no others like him to be made. If you want him, he’s waiting for you.





2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Popularity

  1. Quilterliz September 4, 2013 / 2:14 am

    G’day Jamie. Oh, he is just so gorgeous. Yes, I think that special someone is yet to find him and he will be much loved when he has his new home. Take care. Liz…

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