Something Ghastlie This Way Comes.

Can you feel it? The brisk breeze of autumn is blowing this way. The kids are back to school, the first few leaves are falling, beach toys are getting final clearance sales. Here at Maryland Quilter I’m conjuring  up fun Halloween quilts and patterns. 

My favorite Halloween characters are The Ghastlies. They are all about family, if your family is like the Adams Family or the Muensters. Kinda funny, kinda scary, weird. That’s the Ghastlies. You won’t find them on TV, just fabric, designed by the Alexander Henry Company.

Meet the Ghastlies here:



The quilt and patterns (throw and twin size) are available in my shop.


2 thoughts on “Something Ghastlie This Way Comes.

  1. Quilterliz August 27, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    G’day Jamie. That is a great quilt. I love the colours and the Ghastlies fabric is fabulous. I would like to meet that family ! Our spring is only a few days away from officially starting. It’s a great time of the year. Already we are getting some warmer days, our winter will be forgotten soon. Though we can still get a lot of rain and thunderstorms in spring. Take care. Liz…

  2. Joyce September 2, 2013 / 7:50 pm

    I love the Ghaslie fabric along with the concept, fits our family perfectly. While I don’t quilt I come from a family of quilters, and have received many beautiful quilts created by them. I admire those who continue with age old arts like quilting.

    Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist.

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