Linus never had a blanket this nice.

Okay, today I am going to brag a bit more than usual. I make really, really nice baby blankets. I think they are the best. They are soft flannel. They are simple. Best of all, they are just the right size: Really big– because babies are bigger than they seem and they tend to squirm. They need nice large blankets to properly contain them.

The blankets are made from really interesting patterned fabric. They are reversible. They are machine sewn with a hand sewn finish just to add a personal touch. They can be personalized, if desired, with a cursive writing in fabric sewn to one side.

Here’s a picture of my latest batch. Right now there are over 50 different baby blankets in the Maryland Quilter shop, so there are plenty to choose from.


Here’s what the personalization would look like:


If you want to see the other 50 baby blankets, come visit my shop🙂


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