Everyone Needs a Secret Hideout

I live in a forest. It is also on the edge of the suburbs of Washington, DC.. When friends drive up the long gravel drive to my house, they get scared sometimes. They say they would be afraid to live so far from neighbors and street lights.

My daughter, Elizabeth, has lived all her life in these woods. At 13 she is very comfortable alone with nature. She has her secret place in the forest where she goes to be with her thoughts and usually a good book.

I was thinking of her when I designed this quilt, so I named it “Elizabeth’s Tree” in her honor.



The quilt and pattern are available at Maryland Quilter’s Etsy shop.


One thought on “Everyone Needs a Secret Hideout

  1. jan May 28, 2013 / 11:47 am

    I love love your tree. I am sure your daughter will love it too.

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