Free, Free, Free, You Get One Free

Last night  Evelyn and I made part of a green caterpillar. It is for a science project so all the caterpillar parts have to be there. I’m learning that there are lots of parts to a caterpillar. Not sure what Evelyn is learning.


He looks better in real life:)

While Evelyn was working on the caterpillar, I took some time to make freebie gifts. Whenever someone buys a quilt or a blanket from Maryland Quilter, I wrap it in a ribbon, write a note and usually include a little handmade surprise. That’s part of the fun of life, right? Opening a box and finding an unexpected gift. So I share that fun with my customers, whom I love:)

Here’s some of the freebie gifts I made last night. These are coasters, randomly designed from fabric scraps. No two are alike and there is no pattern for these:



I also made some bookmarks.


If you want one, they are free but you have to order an item (not a digital pattern) from Maryland Quilter. I’ll send an extra one if you follow my blog and mention it in the comment form at checkout:)



One thought on “Free, Free, Free, You Get One Free

  1. quilterliz May 7, 2013 / 5:02 pm

    G’day Jamie. Love the caterpillar. Your free gifts are just lovely. Take care. Liz…

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