Grandma’s Flower Garden Looks a Bit Hippie

Last post I mentioned how I was trying to remake traditional quilt patterns. I was working on a way to efficiently design Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt to be as beautiful, flowerful, and colorful as the original pattern but in a fraction of the time and without cutting the fabric into thousands of pieces and sewing them back together.

I think the design turned out well, but it seems to have a bit of a hippie flavor– maybe it’s the colors I chose or maybe it’s the curve of the flowers. Anyway, maybe it’s appropriate  because many of today’s Grandma’s came of age in the heyday of the hippies 🙂


 As you can tell in the picture, the fat quarters are used in whole pieces. The flowers are made from a reverse applique technique where you cut the first layer of fabric to reveal the layer underneath. This quilt pattern has lots less cut and piece but uses lots of fabric– there are 4 layers to the quilt but no batting. The pattern and quilt are available in my Etsy shop.



One thought on “Grandma’s Flower Garden Looks a Bit Hippie

  1. Martha Danielson March 15, 2013 / 6:04 pm

    Wonderful Jamie. I love it. And yes, I am one of those grandmas/baby boomer/back in the day hippies. True appeal for me. In my day, my now husband was in Viet Nam, I was carrying a protest sign and talking about Woodstock with friends. You have captured the essence of “notice me” and you should get great response.

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