How to Grow a Quilt Flower Garden

One of my goals is to remake old traditional patterns. I want to keep the spirit of the original pattern but adapt it to modern quilting. One of my favorite old patterns is Grandma’s Flower Garden. I think I love it so much because it is a riot of colors and I love color. It also traditionally was made with a thousand (only slight exaggeration) teeny tiny pieces cut from old grain sacks and sewn painstakingly together by candlelight on long boring nights alone with the family in the log cabin.

Well… as romantic as that sounds… I want to make my version in a few hours. I also want to use some really cool fat quarters that I just got at the fabric store. Now with all the beautiful brand new prints, why would I cut them up into a thousand pieces just to sew them back together?

That seems like a waste of time, energy, and fabric. My motto is beautiful patterns, optimal efficiency.

I’m not quite done, but here is a picture of the colors and options I’m working on for my newest quilt. It will have 18 fat quarters, all of them used with minimal waste and cutting.




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