Simplify Christmas– Make Everyone a Chevron Quilt Blanket


Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be. For instance, you could go crazy trying to find a different gift for everyone on your Christmas list, or…. you could make them all a personalized quilt blanket. One pattern, 2 versions, endless possibilities. The children on your list could have a quilt with fun bright fabrics, the guys could have them in their favorite team colors. Your mother in law would love a red and green Christmas quilt. So go ahead, make it simple for you. They will love their handmade quilt, I guarantee it!

Here are some possibilities for a chevron stripe quilt blanket:


The pattern is available for instant download here.  Don’t want to make one, want to buy one instead? There are lots to choose from all for $75.00 each. These and many more are available at Maryland Quilter:


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  1. You can have a Chevron party – everyone bring their quilt and watch a great movie together! The are wonderful and looks so snuggly! Great for this time of year when it begins to cool.

  2. G’day Jamie. Your quilts are just gorgeous. My family Christmas used to be a nightmare, with so much money spent and gifts bought that were not needed, but for the last few years we have simplified it with a Kris Kringle. It is just so much better for all of us. Take care. Liz…

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